Meaux and his Geaux Cup

My dog has his own go cup.  It sits right next to mine on the night stand and I fill both up every evening before we go to bed.  His name is Meaux and his is more affectionately known as the Meaux Cup rather than the Geaux Cup.  His full given name is Meaux Jeaux.  He answers to just Meaux or “Your Meaux-ness”.     He is a Schnauzer with all the attitude the breed is known for.    Since I do Schnauzer Rescue, I claim the schnauzer is the perfect dog and my Meaux is the perfect schnauzer.  People with no sense of humor look at me like I’m not normal.  One person adamantly maintained in a loud voice that “his dog was the perfect dog.”   Lucky for the dog he thinks that.

When I tell Meaux it is time to go night-night,  he stands next to the bed so I can lift him and place him on it.  He jumps on and off my bed, at will, any other time.  Sometimes he drags a toy up there, but the ritual maintains I lift his Meaux-ness onto the nightly place he is to retire.  This is the protocol to follow, and I now realize Meaux has set it in motion.  He will stand in the same spot all night if I don’t pick him up and put him on the bed.   He then walks to the edge of the bed closest to the night stand, and stares at his cup until I pick it up and let him drink until he has his fill.   Refreshed for his nocturnal snooze, he finds a spot, usually dead center in the bed, circles three times, tries to fluff his spot by pawing before he stretches out horizontally, taking up the maximum space a dog his size possibly can.    When he first started sleeping with me he jumped up and I couldn’t refuse him.  Then, he would curl into a little furry crescent at the foot of the bed taking up no space whatsoever. He was almost like a foot warmer.   All that changed.

Usually the pre-slumber drink is enough for him, but sometimes Meaux will need his thirst satiated in the middle of the night.  The first indication is a lick or two, then he will paw me and finally he barks if I haven’t responded by then.   If he doesn’t jump off the bed and run to the door for me to perform my butler duties of opening and closing the door for him to go outside, I realize he is thirsty.  Once he has my undivided attention, he will then walk over to the nightstand and stare at his water cup waiting for me to hold it for him.

It’s Meaux’s world, I’m just in it!