Hear what others have said about The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles:

I really enjoyed reading this . . . it zings along.”—James Nolan, author of Higher Ground and You Don’t Know Me

Rescued By a Kiss is a witty romp through all things New Orleans, from Mardi Gras to king cakes, the French Quarter and beyond.  Grab a coffee and spend an afternoon with Brandy Alexander as she encounters a wacky cast of characters found only in New Orleans.” –Sandy Faught, SOLA Member/Chapter of Romance Writers of America

As bubbly as a glass of champagne, a must for anyone interested in what New Orleans has to offer! The characters are endearing and the plot twists keep you intrigued. Experience a Mardi Gras parade and the French Quarter through Brandy’s eyes. Enjoy!” –Denise Alix

Could not put it down! I stayed up till 1 AM the first time I read it, couldn’t put it down or go to sleep till I found out what happened! Thanks for making me late and tired for work the next day Colleen!” — Susan Diehl, Animal Breed Rescue 

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A terrific story and adventure from a author who knows the subject of New Orleans. Where else can you find a cast of characters and stories that illustrate the unique aspect of the city. I could not have enjoyed more. Cannot wait for the next adventure.”Delta Pilot “Book Fan” – Amazon Review

Best Southern Book with a Twist and a Twirl! This is the absolute BEST head turner of a read! If you have never been to a New Orleans Mardi Gras or even to New Orleans at all, this great book will make you feel as though you have had the New Orleans experience without even making the trip plus a little crime scene drama to boot! A book that is set in New Orleans is always a special pull for us southern gals with a flirty flare for fun and spontaneous excitement….especially when you have lived that New Orleans experience. However, most books that have their story line set in New Orleans are mostly authored by people that have never lived there and therefore, don’t have the full sense of what it’s like. Those books are blah and lacking! You can definitely tell that this book is written by someone that has New Orleans running through her veins.” — Jade Honeycutt, Amazon Reviews

Terrific! This was such a fun read. I read the whole book in two sittings, just couldn’t put it down. I loved the new Orleans flavor as well as the characters. Looking forward to the next installment!” – Susan, Santa Fe, NM,  Amazon Reviews

“Rescued by A Kiss by Colleen Mooney was a very enjoyable read. I couldn’t put it down. It was light-hearted and yet suspenseful. I loved the New Orleans culture and landmarks that set the stage for this really fun book. The characters were very real, especially Brandy who epitomizes the homegrown New Orleanian. And on top of it all, it included my favorite breed of dog, the miniature schnauzer! I can’t wait for the next book in the Go-Cup Series!” – Leslie Rodrigue Tierney, M.D.

Read the book and loved it. Sort of reminded me of a Grisham novel where the plot is wrapped around local flavor. Even gave a shout out to the ‘Jesuits Boys’. Read the first 10 pages of the new chronicle in the back of the book, can’t wait for it to be published.” – Delta Pilot and Jesuit Graduate

“This book oozed Southern wit with a side order of Mardi Gras fun. Colleen Mooney knows Mari Gras and it shows in her writing. She takes the reader on a rollicking ride as we follow parade goer Brandy Alexander. What started out as the traditional parade gathering of friends and family, quickly heats up, when Brandy is singled out by a smokin’ hot stranger to share a kiss and a promise to meet up after the parade. What was supposed to be an after-parade meeting takes an unexpected turn when ‘handsome stranger’ Jiff Heinkel, of THE Heinkels, is shot. His parting words before being loaded into the ambulance is to ask Brandy to help Isabella.
“As Brandy charges to Isabella’s aid, she finds herself smack-dab in the middle of a group of warm-up suit wearing ne’er do wells. Along  the way, the reader is treated to a cast of over the top characters and a whirl wind trip through New Orleans, as Brandy saves first Isabella then she saves Jiff.
“My opinion of this book: fun, fun, fun.” From RJ McKay (Goodreads, Amazon)