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Louisiana Ladies of Mystery Panel

Posted on October 11, 2017



I am a panelist with Erica Spindler, Liah Penn, Mary Beth Magee, Cherie Coen and Ellen Byron called the Louisiana Ladies of Mystery                                                                        at the Louisiana Book Festival                                                                                                                                                                          Saturday, October 28th, 2017  From 11 a.m. to Noon                                              

                                 701 N 4th Street, Baton Rouge, LA  70802                                                            

                              State Capitol Building, House Committee Room  4                                              


                                      Book Signing following the panel.                                                                                  

I will be signing DRIVE THRU MURDER, my 3rd book in the series THE NEW ORLEANS GO CUP CHRONICLES                                                        

                               12:15 p.m. to l p.m.Barnes & Noble Bookselling Tent


To order on Amazon:

For more information on the Book Festival, Authors attending and speaking go to 



DRIVE THRU MURDER Available to order NOW!

Posted on March 21, 2017




3rd Book in the New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles series. Brandy Alexander is at it again!

When Brandy Alexander pulls into the drive-thru, she expects to order a box of CLUCK IT!—CHICKEN BY THE BUCKET, not hear gunshots and see someone in high heels and a black leather miniskirt climbing out of the pick-up window dragging a body. Her boyfriend, New Orleans Detective Dante Deedler, is on this case and hers as bodies keep turning up and she knows about them before he does.

Her neighbor, the palm reader who is also a phone sex operator, is having visions of Brandy’s future and past leaving more questions than answers.

The truth is Brandy’s future is muddled with distractions, murders, family dilemma and a rescued Schnauzer named Jesus.  Who will help her? The bartender who isn’t gay but works in a gay bar, the handyman who makes better dresses than repairs, Jiff the attorney she kissed at a Mardi Gras parade that’s still hot for her, or her nemesis– Dante’s partner—Hanky?

Time is ticking away. Could she be the next victim?

 There’s no place like New Orleans to have a good crime! 


Born to Rescue!

Posted on March 18, 2017

I was the kid who spent all my allowance playing games at school fairs trying to win the goldfish, turtle, or whatever poor creature was the prize. I overheard my dad tell my mother after I brought home a sickly parakeet in a tiny cage, “Those games are rigged. Nobody ever wins.  How is it she always comes home with some poor sick looking creature?”

I always won fair and square. The ping pong ball landed in the goldfish bowl or the ring tossed circled the square with a picture of the bird.   I won the game and got to select which pet I wanted as my prize.  I always picked the sickliest one in the tank or cage because I knew no one else would choose it.  Maybe I could save it.   I didn’t share this with my parents because they were already complaining they had to buy a bigger turtle bowl, a bigger cage, a bigger aquarium—a bigger creature residence.  If they knew I picked a sick one they would have left it in the container I brought it home in figuring it was going to die anyway.  They weren’t mean, just frugal.

Of course, once I found two baby mockingbirds that fell out of the nest and were in the grass.  One was sickly and barely moving. The other one was hopping around and squawking.  I put them both in a shoebox and the next morning the sick one was still alive and the one hopping around the day before was dead.  The sick one lived for almost 20 years in a really big cage my dad made for it in our garage!

My dad always brought home stray dogs.  He had the rescue mentality. We never had more than one dog at a time but we did have a dog, a duck, a chicken, and a parakeet all at the same time. Dad’s philosophy was ‘why pay for a dog when you can get a Heinz 57 for free?’ Heinz 57 was his endearing term for a mixed breed dog.  My mother fed them and took care of them—constantly complaining.  Don’t misunderstand, she loved animals, but she loved complaining a tad bit more so she was in heaven combining the two.

I didn’t get the rescue gene by accident.

Growing up we had no idea why anyone would pay for a dog. People would give us dogs or my dad would find them on the street but he always told my mother someone gave it to him.   We weren’t schooled in specific breeds only that dogs were big, little, yappy, old, puppies, black, white, mean, and biting dogs. It was a total shock when I learned people paid a lot of money for some dogs (breeds) and even more money to have it vetted only to grow tired or bored with them and then give them away! They just didn’t give them away, they left them at animal shelters. The bigger shock was there wasn’t a line of people at the shelters waiting to adopt these dogs.

Rescue was a natural for me even before it was recognized.  A man told me once, “Oh, you’re one of those rescuers and want to save them all.” While I wish I could save them all I really just wanted to save Schnauzers.  I knew my limitations and at the time they were financial.  Once the shelters knew I’d take a Schnauzer my name went on the underground Schnauzer Railroad.  They gave my name to other shelters and to anyone who brought in a Schnauzer. Soon people would call me to take their Schnauzer they no longer wanted and didn’t want to feel bad by taking it to a shelter.  Reasons ranged from the owner had to go into a nursing home (the only excuse I think is legit) to we’re going on vacation and can’t bring the dog, or it was just found as a stray trying to stay alive by eating out of our garbage cans and we can’t keep it. But before I became known as Schnauzer Rescue there was the first one.  The first one that got me into what became my involvement with breed rescue was a little Schnauzer I found running along the highway. Her name was Schnitzel.


If I look back at a single event that got me into rescue it was Schnitzel.  I found her running on the highway and brought her to the closest vet, which was my vet, to see if he recognized her or knew who she might belong to. I thought she was a puppy because even full grown she was only ten pounds.

The vet came out after his exam and said to me, “This little dog is a sad story. She’s in heat so hopefully, she isn’t pregnant because she has heartworms and really bad teeth.  She looks to be no more than 3 years old.  She’s covered in fleas, ticks, and tapeworms and she needs a groom.   Someone probably put her out on that highway either to let her get hit by a car because they didn’t want to treat the heartworms or maybe they wanted someone to find her and take care of her. I’d like to think it’s the latter but over here, it’s probably the former.”

I asked, “What time can you have her ready to go home with me? I’ll take her. Give her a bath, shots and let’s get her scheduled for the heartworm treatments.”

“We can have her ready by 2:00 pm today, but don’t you want to go home and talk with your husband about it?” he asked.

“I will. Just get her ready. I’ll be back before you close.”

When I got home, I saw my husband working in the yard.  I brought him out a cold beer and said, “I had a bad experience on my way home and it turns out to be a sad story.”

He stopped working and asked, “What sad story? What happened?”

“I almost hit a little Schnauzer running along Highway 22.” I could see the worried look on his face as I went on, “She was so small, I was lucky I got her in the car and took her over to the vet clinic. Dr. Bill said she’s in heat, has heartworms, and might even be pregnant. He thinks someone put her out on the highway to get hit so they didn’t have to treat her for the heartworms.”

“Go call them right now and tell them we’ll take her,” he said and tried to shoo me along to hurry and make the call.

“I told them to have her ready and I’d pick her up at 2:00 before they close.”

I named her Schnitzel because in German it means little chip. She was always small and never weighed more than the ten pounds she was when I found her.  Holding her was like holding an infant whenever you picked her up because she was happy in the crook of your arm on her back.  Once I bought a baby sling at a yard sale and carried her around in it.  She looked like a Joey, a baby Kangaroo in a pouch.

She loved to go anywhere. I took her sailing and it turned cold and windy while we were out and I fashioned her a foul weather wind breaker out of a West Marine bag cutting a hole for her head and using the handles for her feet to step through keeping it close to her body. She wore it with her life vest when we were underway.  She loved sailing and had quite the sea legs – four!

She was cat-like.  She walked around on the back of my furniture and there wasn’t anyplace she couldn’t figure out how to jump to if she wanted to see something. She loved for me to dress her up for yappy hours at Jefferson Feed.  Here is a picture of her in her Chanel suit and pillbox hat at the January AFTER FIVE even.   She was quite the fashion plate and everyone loved her. Here she is with her escort Meaux!

Schnitzel was with me 13 years and she could have been as old as three when I found her.  I thought she was only one-year-old because she was so small. She was cute, fun and an entertaining little dog.

                  In Loving Memory


                         With us

                     1993 – 2006

                 Meaux Jeaux Mooney

                         With us

        July 2003 - November 15, 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Posted on March 17, 2017

Meaux getting into his Irish self!

Meaux thinking, “Who else is here?”

Green really isn’t my color but I’m digging the hat. It makes me look taller.


Meaux says, “Yesterday, Colleen and  I joined the Yappy Hour at the new Jefferson Feed on Veterans!  Even from my position on the floor, I saw the cake, food, and wine for her and a ton of treats for me!  I checked out all the bottom shelves and there’s a bunch of new stuff I wouldn’t mind sampling.












This afternoon we will be at Parasol’s Bar!   Kiss someone–even if they’re not Irish!


Meaux…he is the most interesting Schnauzer in the World.  Stay active my friends!

Barkus Parade in New Orleans!

Posted on February 22, 2017

New Orleans knows how to party and paw-ty. We have boat parades, kid parades, big parades, little parades and DOG parades!  This year the theme of BARKUS

St. Pawgustine Marching Band

St. Pawgustine Band Members

was Pirates of the Crescent City: Barkus tells tales of Jean Lafleabag!   There were great pirate costumes and  pirate ships made from wagons, grocery carts and strollers along with many other interesting costumes of Dragon Dogs, Dog Bees, and even a St. Pawgustine Marching Band of dogs-with instruments!  Enjoy some of the photos I took as Meaux watched from the viewing stand on his wagon float!

Dog costumes included Lady w/dog Flower,

Beehive and Girl Bee with Dog Bee

Dog Pirate Ship

Angie the Schnauzer Pirate

Dragon Dogs

Meaux and Maus in the wagon float

Dog Treasure Chest



My Schnauzers (and Nancy Drew) are my inspiration!

Posted on January 25, 2017

My Schnauzers and breed rescue are my inspiration.  Here are my three that were all rescues.  My Meaux, and he likes that he is a character in my books, likes to read!


Meaux likes that he’s a character in my books!


Mauser the Schnauzer


Moon Pie Mooney






Colleen Mooney Blog Tour

Posted on June 30, 2016


Colleen Mooney

Genre Mystery,  Crime, Thriller/Romantic Suspense

COLLEEN MOONEY Blog Tour on Brain to

I’ll be doing Giveaways, Prizes and talking books!

July 1st, 3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST
Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Follow this link at the tour time!…



The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles series Book 1 & 2


Dead And Breakfast

Colleen Mooney Goodreads Giveaway

Posted on June 30, 2016

Rescued By A Kiss, lst book in series The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Giveaway – Enter to win!


by Colleen Mooney

Giveaway ends August 15, 2016.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway


Cover Reveal: Dead and Breakfast – Book Two of the Go Cup Chronicles!

Posted on July 3, 2015

I’m excited to be doing a book signing this evening from 6-8 p.m. at the Mandeville Trailhead Museum on 675 Lafitte Street in Mandeville, LA! Learn more by calling (985) 624 3147 – Come out to enjoy food, drinks and books!

Meanwhile, I’m excited to announce that Dead & Breakfast, the second book in the New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles will release August 1, 2015, with pre-orders available July 23…

Here’s the NEW COVER REVEAL… and a synopsis of the new release, Dead & Breakfast!

Brandy Alexander’s friend opens a New Orleans bed and breakfast surrounded by a cemetery and is surprised to find the only guest murdered in his room the day it opens. Brandy must help Julia figure out who the guesthouse killer is before Julia is sent to the Big House.

Brandy gets a call from Julia at 6:00 a.m. to come over at once. Julia has a body in a guest room of her newly opened Bed and Breakfast. When Brandy arrives, Julia admits having spent the evening in a romantic interlude with this musician in town for the Jazz Fest. When Julia left him to fix breakfast he was very much alive. She returned to find him dead, bludgeoned with an antique object from the room.

Brandy takes charge and calls the police. Dante, her ex-boyfriend, now a homicide detective, shows up with his new partner. The new partner is also his new girlfriend. Brandy learns that their feelings for each other are unresolved and their relationship may not be over. They were childhood sweethearts who grew up next door to each other with all their family and friends intertwined. They broke up when she met and kissed a man at a Mardi Gras parade just weeks before. Brandy needs Dante’s help to clear Julia who looks good for the crime, but Dante is not Julia’s biggest fan. The police feel the murderer has been charged and Julia is on the fast track for an orange jumpsuit,

During her brief incarceration, Julia employs a handyman she met in jail to work at her guesthouse. He’s not much of a handyman and winds up being more of a cook and maid, dressing for the parts. There is something offbeat about the handyman, the Jazz Fest musicians and the racetrack employees Brandy interviews. Unrelated events connect a young woman gone missing from an all night bar when her vehicle is pulled out of a bayou. Evidence of the murder is found in the dead woman’s car but will it be enough to clear Julia?

Brandy, with the help of Dante, and her current influential boyfriend, Jiff, discover what really happened at the guesthouse that night. Brandy realizes there is no such thing as coincidence as the missing pieces come together. To exonerate Julia she needs the help of the two men she must also keep apart…

There’s no place like New Orleans to have a good crime.


Get Rescued by a Kiss FREE During Mardi Gras!

Posted on February 14, 2015

FREE FOR MARDI GRAS! Rescued By A Kiss (The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Book 1) – Kindle edition by Colleen Mooney. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @

FREE Feb 15-18 to celebrate Mardi Gras! CLICK HERE TO GET IT NOW!

Online Dating Part 1

Posted on November 10, 2014
There’s someone for everyone. Wrong.
You just have to wait for the right one to come along. Really, the right one? Does this mean you have to go through all the wrong ones first?.
You’re just too picky. This means you have met every freak-a-zoid under the sun and now you think you have an invisible target on your forehead that only the twisted weirdoes of the world can see. The nice ones are blind to it.
Your’re pretty on the inside. Ok, we know what this means.
You haven’t me the one who sees the real you. Huh? Who is this you’re looking at if it isn’t the real me-the fake one I trot out like my faux winter coat? I’ve heard them all. We’ve all been through dating hell but no one more so than my best buddy, whom I shall refer to only by his first initial because if he realizes I’m telling this story he may never speak to me again or worse, sign me up under a bogus profile with my real cell phone number on one of these dating sites. I shall call him K.
K is a nice guy– a really, really nice guy. We know what people say about them. After paying his dues with the oil company he works for by spending five years of his bachelor life in a desert–a desert with women who wear veils over their entire bodies– he decided upon his return home to fast track into dating. He had great expectations for hy-tech, new online, 100 questions to get you to the bone marrow of finding the perfect soul mate with technology–technology that evolved since his departure from the West.
K didn’t jump on the first cyberspace, dating party line out there. No, he’s an engineer, a linear thinker, a connect all the dots and analyze everything past the point of distraction kind of guy. He did his research and decided not to go free but pay for a membership to an upscale, match you to your deepest relationship level known to man, online dating service. K is the kinda guy (don’t forget, Engineer) who believes the perfect woman is only a mouse click away.
The man on the commercial for said their matchmaking science matches you on the deepest emotional level that connects two people. Would you trust a man who says he knows deep, emotional relationship levels or a shallow ones for that matter? Can men answer 100 questions about what they want in a woman? Maybe all the answers are the same. For example, Question 1. Are you looking for a woman who cooks? Answer yes. Question 2. Are you looking for a woman who cleans? Answer yes. Question 3. Are you looking for a tall, blonde woman? Answer yes. Question 4. Are you looking for a short dark haired woman Answer yes, and so on.
K decided to go whole hog and ask for everything he looked for, no, expected since he was paying a fee, in the perfect Eve to his Adam, the Josephine to his Napoleon, the Batgirl to his Batman.
continued tomorrow for K’s dating diasters

Complete  Part 2

K is tall, thin with an athletic build and very athletic lifestyle. His profession and his discretionary income afford him the luxury to spend the last 40+ years on vacations and hobbies the average bear does not pursue or even know exists. He’s an avid scuba diver with about $10,000 in underwater camera equipment and has been scuba diving in all the worlds’ top sites from the Red Sea, the Pacific and Indian Oceans to ice diving in Alaska. K’s a big snow skier, cross country skier, mountain hiker, mountain biker, plays ice hockey, therefore he is an ice skater, and he is a skilled ballroom dancer. He runs long distance for fitness and goes spelunking. He builds everything he owns from his house and furniture to molding the frames for his eyeglasses. He even sews.
K spent weeks agonizing over every detail of his profile, listing qualities he found attractive about himself (he got his sister to write this one), listing qualities he looked for in the perfect companion, (the short list was someone to go on vacations with), and locating the right photo showing his most attractive, athletic-manly self before he finally went LIVE on CompleteMe.COM. All this was so he could garner the most matches for his membership fee.
It took about two minutes before hundreds of photos streamed into his e-dating account. It was a virtual cattle call. His deeper level match should have had a minimum of a college education with an interest in anything other than their children. For instance, all of these women were in the age range K specified of 20-30 years old, but none had jobs, all had at minimum of two kids, and most only finished high school. Not one of these possibilities for entering and completing his emotional orbit had gone to college, or on any vacation further than an hour’s drive on a picnic, or even attended a jazzercise class. In short they were looking for the meal ticket K had made himself out to be.
I suggested K adjust his profile to narrow his search for his perfect travel, snow skiing, scuba diving, hiking, ice skating companion. So he adjusted the age from 20-30 years old to 25-35 years old. Big whoop.
I suggested that anyone in the half his age bracket probably had half the travel and life experience he had. So, he ratcheted the age up another five years to 30-35. He also made it a deal breaker if the girl of his dreams did not go to college. I thought he was still casting too wide of a net to catch his little Angelfish. There was a lot of room in the net for sharks.
The new criteria slowed down the more honest of the gold diggers. Those more seasoned used their man eating skills to sneak through the virtual filter. The first one sent a photo she took of herself by standing in a mirror, naked. Another was a large black women who sent a picture of her bare ass with AWESOME tattooed above her crack. K worried when one match dressed in full head to toe camouflage and matching cap with ear flaps holding a twelve gauge in one hand and a box of shotgun shells in the other might have tracking skills. She looked like Elmer Fudd. The photo taken in front of a winter, snow covered tree backdrop with ‘Taken by Wal-Mart’ written in the lower right hand corner. 

tomorrow – Part 3 — Will K give up, or keep up the dating? – Part 3, The conclusion

Posted on November 12, 2014

continued – Part 3, the Conclusion

The one I found most disturbing was a woman in a family photo of herself and four children, one a baby on her hip. There was a hole in the shape of a man’s silhouette standing next to her and behind some of the kids. In another family photo she posted she only cut out his head. A third photo had her in a bikini and nine months pregnant. Her profile was heavy on how much she viewed loyalty as the most important quality one brings to a relationship. I counted she mentioned ‘loyal’ and ‘loyalty’ at least twenty seven times in the “What’s important to Complete Me” section of her online profile.
K went through hundreds of profiles and has had a grand total of five dates, all of which did not end well. One made him stop the car halfway to the theatre and asked to lie down across the backseat because she had not taken her lithium meds early enough before he picked her up. Another one brought her kids, two twin boys five years old, because her ex-husband showed up drunk to babysit and she didn’t want to leave them with him. K cancelled his five star restaurant reservation and took them all to Chuck E Cheese. The kids didn’t like him because he didn’t let the win at all the games so they cried all the way home. Another had used a photo from high school or college when she was about 200 pounds lighter. But K was a gentleman and took her out as planned to dinner and a movie. When he walked her to the door she jumped on him like a panther, trying to French kiss him. He barely made an escape before she dragged him into her lair. He said one of his dance moves helped him out maneuver her.
K had a close call right after he met date du jour. As he drove away from her house, Police cars and SWAT team Humvees screamed up surrounding him and over loudspeakers demanded they put their hands in the air and get out of the vehicle. They impounded his BMW and held him for questioning. Thank God he had printed out her profile and had it with him so he could prove to the police he met this nut case on They booked her for murder three men she met online.
But the very best one of all turned out to be one the management of CompleteMe.comhand picked for K when he returned a customer survey reflecting his dissatisfaction and advising he wanted to cancel his membership. The magic words seem to be ‘cancel my membership.’ They sent a HIGH PRIORITY e-date-o-gram email to state they would select, specifically for K, a flex match. Now, he was getting somewhere.
What is a flex match K wondered. He complained to me that it was a sad day when he had to use a veiled threat regarding his membership to get their attention and deliver on the original agreement I said he should have done it eleven months ago. When he received his ‘flex-match’ he had to look twice because they sent him the profile of a man, an athletic man who had a college education and liked to travel.

Meaux and his Geaux Cup

Posted on June 17, 2013

My dog has his own go cup.  It sits right next to mine on the night stand and I fill both up every evening before we go to bed.  His name is Meaux and his is more affectionately known as the Meaux Cup rather than the Geaux Cup.  His full given name is Meaux Jeaux.  He answers to just Meaux or “Your Meaux-ness”.     He is a Schnauzer with all the attitude the breed is known for.    Since I do Schnauzer Rescue, I claim the schnauzer is the perfect dog and my Meaux is the perfect schnauzer.  People with no sense of humor look at me like I’m not normal.  One person adamantly maintained in a loud voice that “his dog was the perfect dog.”   Lucky for the dog he thinks that.

When I tell Meaux it is time to go night-night,  he stands next to the bed so I can lift him and place him on it.  He jumps on and off my bed, at will, any other time.  Sometimes he drags a toy up there, but the ritual maintains I lift his Meaux-ness onto the nightly place he is to retire.  This is the protocol to follow, and I now realize Meaux has set it in motion.  He will stand in the same spot all night if I don’t pick him up and put him on the bed.   He then walks to the edge of the bed closest to the night stand, and stares at his cup until I pick it up and let him drink until he has his fill.   Refreshed for his nocturnal snooze, he finds a spot, usually dead center in the bed, circles three times, tries to fluff his spot by pawing before he stretches out horizontally, taking up the maximum space a dog his size possibly can.    When he first started sleeping with me he jumped up and I couldn’t refuse him.  Then, he would curl into a little furry crescent at the foot of the bed taking up no space whatsoever. He was almost like a foot warmer.   All that changed.

Usually the pre-slumber drink is enough for him, but sometimes Meaux will need his thirst satiated in the middle of the night.  The first indication is a lick or two, then he will paw me and finally he barks if I haven’t responded by then.   If he doesn’t jump off the bed and run to the door for me to perform my butler duties of opening and closing the door for him to go outside, I realize he is thirsty.  Once he has my undivided attention, he will then walk over to the nightstand and stare at his water cup waiting for me to hold it for him.


It’s Meaux’s world, I’m just in it!

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