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Brandy Alexander’s
favorite places in New Orleans

Book 1-Rescued By A Kiss

Book One.jpg

Drive Thru Daiquiris  - 1701 Lake Avenue in Metaire near the Towers where Jiff lives

The one in the book used to be on Carrollton Avenue but closed after Katrina.  
There are several in and around New Orleans in outlying areas but the two I use are 

  • At 8100 St. Charles Avenue , New Orleans 

  • 1701 Lake Avenue, Metairie. 

Haydel’s Bakery in Jefferson or Randazzo’s Bakery in Metairie (opens only during Mardi Gras season)  – The two places Brandy gets King Cake

  • Ye Olde College Inn – 3000 S. Carrollton Avenue, New Orleans, Restaurant and Bar in Mid City where Jiff and Brandy have their first date.  

  • Oz – 800 Bourbon Street, New Orleans Premier Gay Dance Club in New Orleans

Book 2-Dead and Breakfast

book 2.jpg

Feelings Café – Formerly Feelings Café, now CRU, 2600 Chartres Street corner Franklin Avenue In the Bywater, behind the French Quarter.  Don’t miss the courtyard bar for drinks before dinner. 


Jazz Fest – yearly in New Orleans —2020 dates are April 23 – 26 and April 30 – May 3, two consecutive weekends providing eight days of music, culture, food and more!

Book 3-Drive Thru Murder

Book 3.jpg

Cluck It! Home of the Thousand Piece Chicken Bucket – There was a fried chicken place on Rampart Street in New Orleans before Katrina with this slogan but it had a different name.  Unfortunately, it is no longer in business.

Morning Call Coffee Stand in City Park – coffee and beignets in the old Casino building in City Park


The Myrtles Plantation – is a real place and it is supposed to be haunted.  It is approximately an hour’s drive outside of New Orleans and you can lunch or make reservations for a room and stay in the haunted plantation home.


The Bar in Mid City near Brandy’s house – purely fictional. Although there are numerous small, neighborhood bars still in existence in this area that I drew from to create this fictional locale, the old bar named Curly’s is the one I pictured for this one.  It is now part of a four-plex apartment building. 

Book 4-Death By Rum Balls 

Book 4.jpg

Jefferson Feed & Seed- There are several locations but the ones I’m most familiar with are on Jefferson Highway and on Veterans Highway. They do have Yappy Hours to benefit different shelters and animal rescue organizations.  You would need to check with them when one is planned.  There is usually a $10-20 cover charge with all donations going to the charity and those humans who attend get cheese and wine while the pets get treats

Book 5-Dog Gone & Dead

Book 5.jpg

Lancy’s Bar & Restaurant (named Clancy’s in book) 6100 Annunciation Street, New Orleans, Uptown.

Central Grocery – 923 Decatur Street in the French Quarter. Home of the best Muffaletta in New Orleans. 

Book 6-Politicians, Potholes & Pralines

Book 6.jpg

All locations in Florida where this story takes place are purely fictional.  I do, however, personally frequent.

A.J.’s World Famous Tiki Hut Bar and Restaurant overlooking Destin Marina and Dewey’s Bar in Destin (the one over the bay). Both have great fish sandwiches!  




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