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Get ready for my new audiobook!

An excerpt from:

Croissants, Crimes & Canines

by Colleen Mooney

Brandy just wasn’t sure…

…if the wedding would ever happen.

Would this murder ruin it again?

Ava had known Brandy since they were kids. She had a gift for knowing when people lied to her. Brandy never did. When her FBI trained friend transferred back from New York to the New Orleans office, her first call was to her old friend. The ad for the apartment looked promising, so off they went.

It wasn’t the best neighborhood.

They could tell by the two gun shots.

And just like that, there was a murder to solve.

Dante has made Captain of Homicide, but he still can’t seem to keep his old neighbor and childhood sweetheart from meddling in cases. Who killed Carlos and Nina, and more importantly, why was Brandy going to marry Jiff?

The clues, lies, antics, and a Giant Schnauzer, will keep you guessing, because Brandy and Ava can’t be fooled.

Croissants, Crimes & Canines by Colleen Mooney coming soon as an audiobook!

Can't wait for the audiobook or prefer to read?

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