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Rescued By a Kiss...and a King Cake Cocktail!

There are so many fantastic things about New Orleans and one of those fantastic things is the food. King Cake is a cherished food tradition in the Big Easy, and this King Cake Cocktail recipe is something truly unique and delicious!

Here's a free copy of my favorite King Cake Cocktail recipe. Mix one up and enjoy while reading the first book in my cozy mystery series Rescued by a Kiss, a book bursting with New Orleans flavor.

Download a free pdf of this recipe below!

Rescued by a Kiss


Colleen Mooney

One kiss and her world turns upside down...

Can she solve the case that threatens his life? Brandy Alexander never thought living in the Big Easy could feel so dull. And as she waits painfully for her long-time cop boyfriend to propose, she’s not sure their hearts are beating to the same tune.

Then, she did what lots of young women do at parades, and that is to exchange a kiss from a tuxedoed man in a walking club for a flower...

But, she kissed a handsome stranger that summoned her into the street and electric thrills turn to shock when he’s shot right before her eyes. His gasping request haunts her as she watches in horror as he's whisked away by an ambulance.

Brandy races to track down the mysterious person his only words asked of her...

The clues take her from Bourbon Street’s bright lights into a dark den of corruption. She’ll have to put everything on the line to prevent her charming man from eating another bullet.

Can Brandy survive her city’s greedy criminals and save this charismatic man she feels a romantic connection with?

Rescued by a Kiss is the first exhilarating story in 9 book mystery series, The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles.

If you like authentic settings, jazzy characters, and whip-smart dialogue, then you’ll love Colleen Mooney’s quirky story.

Buy Rescued by a Kiss to crack open a crime in the Crescent City today!

The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles

By Colleen Mooney

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